Sunday, November 27, 2011

Artsy day

First, a neighbor incident. I like the people next door, except for one named Julia, who clearly dislikes us but comes by once every few weeks with a “raffle” to which I am supposed to contribute 50 pesos. I’ve been doing it, even though I am convinced that if my name were to come up, she would throw it away. I know from her mother who takes care of everybody that she has a chronic illness that means she needs medication, and they don’t always have it at the free clinic. So I always think, ah, what’s 50 pesos to me?

But she’s so frigging rude!! The other day she snatched the 50 pesos and walked away, and I said, hey, don’t I get to write my name down? (in Spanish, of course, so more like, “hey, can I write?”.) She said, I’ll write it down!, and stomped off. I think maybe next time I won’t be interested in a raffle.

Anyhow, was Lalo's 7th birthday yesterday, he proudly announced, so we gave him a hotwheels (thanks, Jen) and a banana. Diana came over to do some sweeping so she could get some money to buy him something. No party for him, though...

Yesterday was "Art in the Park" in Las Conchas, which is actually in my mind more like crafts in the park, although there are some items that could be called art.

Here are Naomi's extremely cool designs:

Some giant shells- no idea where they found these!

Some metalwork:

A hand-crafted saddle:

and a sacred native maze sculpture. Photo credits go to Carl again!

Then in the evening we were invited to a "show and tell" at the Baja Cantina:
"Artist and writer Becky Hendrick will present a number of "spoken word" projects at Baja Hotel, Saturday, November 26th, at 4 pm. Guests can enjoy a drink while looking and listening to Hendrick's works that have been inspired by her visits to Puerto PeƱasco.
Becky Hendrick teaches at the University of Texas at El Paso. She and her husband, sculptor and UTEP Professor Willie Ray Parish, divide their time between their homes in La Union, New Mexico, and the Mirador area of Rocky Point.
Hendrick's paintings are in numerous private, corporate, and museum collections including the Mississippi Museum of Art, El Paso Museum of Art, El Paso Holocaust Museum, and Lone Star Park in the Dallas area.
She is the author of several books on art appreciation and the creative process. At her "Show and Tell," she will exhibit a few photos and share some of her books."

She read some charming stories about acquaintances here in town, some of whom we know, and a couple of people who were in attendance. Her photos are great, you can see them here:

Becky herself:

Adrienne, a friend of hers and ours, who is Shadow's dog sitter. The bags are Becky's new thing to keep her hands busy, bags crocheted out of plastic grocery bags.

Some of the crowd - between Becky and me is Maru, our hostess. 


  1. I wouldn't feel obligated to participate in any more of Julia's "raffles". You've done your part!
    The rest of the day sounds pretty good though!

  2. It was pretty fun.
    Good turnout in Las Conchas.
    It still kills me that the American crowd out there insists on doing all their transactions in U.S. dollars. It's Mexico people, get with the peso already.
    Oh well, I bought some banana bread and got 3 bucks change for my 100 pesos, close enough.


  3. Great Blog. Between it and our Saturday afternoon music and an occasional sound of my son's dulcet tones I feel that we are some how closer than we are. I agree you have contributed enough to the raffle and I also agree with Carlo that if you are in Mexico use the peso after all that is their currency.
    Love to you both
    Shirl and Larry

  4. Rosie's so pumped that she has listeners in Nova Scotia! She's a close friend, and quite a character. She grew up half in a little town nearby called Pitiquito and half in L.A. She spent most of her adult life in the US, but she feels at home here, and is fluent in both languages, a feat I wish I could emulate.