Saturday, May 7, 2016

Big Tide and Wind

I thought I'd put this on the old blog for those who have walked with us on the beach out by Tessoro. Huge tides this week have rearranged the whole thing, and the big winds did some damage as well.

his is the entrance. Yesterday it was worse, where you can see two layers of stone, there were eight, it was a big drop. Usually this ramp and the stairs are covered about halfway up with sand.Click on photos for much larger versions.

You can see that the water went right up behind the wall at the first house, and almost up to the fence.
Looking back at the entryway, the line on the wall is where the sand usually is, and that bush got really big.
The new barbed wire is attractively draped with seaweed.
Again just shows how high the water went.
 And the now dangerous barbed wire lying on the beach enshrouded in seaweed.

The edge of the development is pretty undercut.
 Never seen these rocks before.
A closer look.
 This is just a look at how big the beach is. It's not even low tide, the tide's coming in.

These photos show more of how much sand has been taken away.

And how high the water went.

Boats were tossed ashore by the waves!

There was water in behind the wall

 Other side of the wall
 Tide's coming in, we gotta go!