Thursday, December 8, 2011

Storms. sealife and parties

Here's the horses that travel from one end of town to the other, selling rides to tourists. That day they actually had takers!

We wanted to show you the results of the recent storms. Between high winds that created big waves and high tides, and then a big rainstorm that brought rivers of water running down the banks, people on the beaches have a lot of cleaning up to do.

You should be able to zoom these photos, and see that this cool concrete landing and stairway, along with the retaining wall in front of it, got pretty much trashed.

Watch out for that first step!

A pretty starfish that Carl found.

A really cool jellyfish that Dan found- he and Cheryl have a picture of an even bigger one:

Carl picked it up with his bare hands and brought it home for more detailed inspection.

And we continued our walk...

We went to an event at Pinky's last night. For those who have been there, it's very cozy right now. The windows are covered with canvas and the pool area is thatched off with palm leaves. It looks great, and it's considerably warmer than I thought it would be.

The event was this- bring a  blanket or a soccer ball or a donation, and get 3000 pinky bucks to play blackjack with. Then about 9:30 you take your winnings and there's an auction for various prizes. There were a lot last night. The big prizes were a snorkel set, a series of visits to a dentist for teeth-cleaning (not thrilling to we anti-dentites), and a weekend for two at one of the Sonoran Resorts.

Carl and I figured most people would be bidding on the big stuff, so we started bidding right away, and got a bunch of great stuff:

Handmade Christmas ornaments- yes, we do have a tree.:
Car mats:

A set of mugs that will likely go to the neighbors:

And two pretty ring holders for people who collectively own 2 rings. But we thought they'd look nice next to our pewter-look elephant.


  1. And we puny humans think that we're in control...we're just here to put it all back together till nature decides to pound it all up again...nice pics :)

  2. I know- you get that a lot out there as well, just hunker down and watch nature do its thing.