Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mariscos Festival!!

That was fun. Mariscos means seafood. So we went down to the Shimp Plaza (what better place to have a seafood festival?) where all the finest restaurants in town set out their best dishes and you pay a ticket or so for each. (10 pesos or about a buck each). We ate lobster bisque (exquisite), clam chowder, pasta, and crab cakes that were like little crispy upside down cupcakes full of crab and veggies and potatoes, which I loved. Those were  from Don Julio's. Jen, we're going to have to visit Don Julio's again, this dish would indicate it's improved. Luca from Pane y Vino had wonderful ravioli, and a clam amuse bouche that amused Carl no end.

The culinary school booth- they had marlin pasta, a spicy rice dish with shrimp, handmade chocolates, and some Italian salamis and breads. That tall man in the middle is our Mayor.

There was entertainment too- the guitar class performed and their teacher sang. A memorable version of "Ain't no Sunshine". "every time shes goes awaayyyy"

The guitar class had quite a cheering section!

Earlier a jazz band played. The weather was cloudy but warm, it was really a fun event!

There were booths featuring local art.

And local crafts.

And across the street the Bomberos washed their trucks.

All in all a great day! And we didn't have to cook dinner, we're still stuffed.Come down and enjoy this great town, folks! Thanks go to Carl for all the pictures!


  1. Okay, I will. How's next week? I missed the seafood festival(again!)but it sounds like there are a couple of good restaurants to try.
    Good job on the photos, Carlo.

  2. I think there's still a shrimp festival in January. There are some great restaurants here now, I'm happy to report!

  3. Yay, I can't wait! 50 days and counting. I love any kind of seafood!

  4. OK, we'll hit a few places! Mi Familia, Don Julio's, Pane e Vino, Mare Blu, and I'll find out who had that bisque...

  5. sign me up...Wayne and I might have to change our summer plans and head south again