Sunday, July 3, 2011

For Sale

It seems like all of Las Conchas (the shells) is for sale. This is called "Millionaires' Row", but the houses are much cheaper now. Here is where it is- Andreas says hi, I guess he was using my camera:

This place is going for 395,000. Here's the virtual tour: VirtualTour

Same Place

Love the gates! $225,000. VirtualTour

$269,000 - VirtualTour

This one above is interesting. The realtor is Fabian, who we have met. When I was taking the picture, Alison, who I've done some work for and lives out there, saw me. She tracked down my phone number and called because she wanted me to know that although it's kind of plain outside, the inside is amazing contemporary architecture and it was well worth looking at.

This one is right on the beach

Cute little place, couldn't find it online.
These places are side by side.

Meh- Plain Jane.
I couldn't find this place either- these realtors need help with their websites!

I like the landscaping.

Big enough garage?

and most of the house down on the water.

quite the driveway

Little guesthouse on the left

garage, and then the main house on the beach

$135,000, right on the beach. Unbelievable.
Later note: $135,000 is for an 1/8 share. That makes more sense.

Casa del mar. More Pictures

The Greek's Hacienda II - don't know where #1 is.

I can't track this one down either, but I like it.
That's it, I took a few more but they were boring. Have fun on your tour through Las Conchas. If you like it, I'll do another neighborhood.


  1. Any one of those would be just fine with me. I especially like the view out the front window of Casa del Mar.

  2. You just want to make me drool as I look at the fog out the window and my wash waiting to go out. Please do some more I love them. Shirl

  3. ok, will do Shirl. I might do one just on interesting architectural details in Las Conchas. Although when you have a camera, people pay attention to you out there!