Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bits and bytes

Morning everyone, a little insomnia is a good reason for a blog. I want to quickly tell you about a supplement I came across that has performed a little miracle. Short version- my friend Susan came to me about a year ago to tell me that her one-year-old bull mastiff Jasper had bone cancer. He'd been limping and had a lump on his right leg.

She had that diagnosis confirmed in the states, and they wanted to amputate. She told me that relative of hers had had stage four lung cancer, started taking this compound and the cancer was gone in a short time.

Now you know me folks, I was more than a little skeptical. But she started giving him the supplement and the next time I saw him a few months later, the one tumour had disappeared. He got a little worse again later on because he's a big dog and she couldn't force him to take it every day. At one point she had him at the vet for a week getting it via intravenous. Now she has a big syringe and just shoots it down his throat twice a day.

OK, here's the miracle part- Jasper is absolutely fine, running around like the puppy he is. OK, that's it, here's the supplement, it's inexpensive and I just figure everyone should know about it because it's worth a shot if someone you know has cancer:

Carl and I had our first beach day yesterday, what fun! Our new canopy is perfect, goes up easily, is strong and lightweight and withstands a pretty good wind.

Osvaldo has been working on our place all week. He covered up the AC ducting, has patched and painted holes and cracks on the house, took off all the screens and cleaned them and the windows, put an access door in the back of the house where the tub plumbing is, & took off the front door and painted it (Boy, did it need it!!)

Now the place is ready for Wayne and Jen, who arrive next Saturday!!

 While we were on the beach, we saw this guy go back and forth a few times, he follows the pack of horses that walk the beach with thier owners selling rides.

My photo project theme last week was chaos. I picked the center one below, but I like all three.


  1. Looks like the beach is really crowded!!!!!!!!! Love your canopy and everything under it. Looks like you could spend the whole day there. Does it sound like I'm a little envious. Love to you both.

  2. Thanks, Shirl! It was our first beach day together this summer, and it was wonderful! There were two other people within seeing and hearing range, but you know, it was the weekend, it's bound to be crowded. ;-)

  3. Yay for Jasper!!! I wish I'd known about that supplement back when our beautiful Shanda could've used it.

    You picked the right picture for "Chaos", although the birds are pretty cool too. Save the tires in case we do "eyesore". Yuck!

    Looking forward to camping out under your new canopy. (104 days from now...)

  4. 104 days... brr it will be cold by then!