Sunday, June 26, 2011

not much, just pix

Not much to talk about, most of my friends are busy or out of town and Carl's still up with you guys. But I took a few pix today to keep my hand in. Here they are in no particular order.

They make the cell phone towers down here look like palm trees. Some are better than this.

 Basil and peas are coming up. No word from the cukes yet.

I'm thinking of having Osvaldo mask this off and paint the leaves green. Easier than keeping it alive, obviously. 

The AC is in the guest room, but we need to do something about this.

Little tomatoes in a few months, I hope!

This is my watermelon truck. Nice guy, today he gave me a free cantaloupe.
 Just kind of a cool house. Wanted to give another idea of how many empty houses there are out in Las Conchas, even on a weekend.

I love these  kind of fir trees, the needles look like they're a succulent.

 Another house- this is where we park every day for our walk.

 And another.

I don't know what digs these holes but I intend to find out. Has to be crabs, at least that's my guess.

Cool tilework on an outdoor shower.

That's all, folks! Like I said, not much going on.


  1. When is Carl back? We remember the towers that are made to look like Palm trees. We really got a great kick out of them. Couldn't believe our eyes when we saw the first one. Some great houses. Are they ever used?????? Would love to be able to walk on the beach with you and go in the water although our beaches should be getting good now if we could keep the fog out long enough. Have a great day. Shirl and Larry

  2. Carl gets back July 22. Can't wait, we miss him! Those houses sit empty, some of them 100% of the time. There are a few that get used regularly, and some that only seem to get used on Memorial day weekend. The people are paying HOA and maintenance fees, they must have money to burn.

    I think the water here is a little warmer than there. You couldn't get me into the north Atlantic waters anymore!

  3. Nice to see the pictures. Your plants look good. (Well, except for the crusty one) I hope the tomatoes & cukes are successful.
    Only 140 days until we're back there!

  4. Strange thing; the healthy mint plant I told you about? Went the same way as all the other mint plants we've had. Just suddenly started withering and turning black, and died in a day. So I'm afraid the nice bunch of herbs you had is not an item anymore. But I'm keeping everything else healthy... I don't understand this..

  5. My beans started to look bad and I saw a little black fly on them. Sprayed them immediately with soapy water and they have survived. Got my garden going nicely and sprayed it with a gadget on the hose with miracle grow. The gadget didn't work properly and half the garden got burned. It if finally coming back. In Alamos the vegetable gardens are planted in the winter season. I guess the climate must be very different where you are. Oh, by the way only kids and old ladies swim in the North Atlantic and I fit in one of those categories but you don't :)) Shirl

  6. Hadn't checked your blog for a while - glad to read that all is well and see some sun - there has been none here in Vancouver. Everyone's veges are rotting but since I haven't gotten around to planting yet....we're heading up to the lake in a couple of weeks and don't want to use the wood stove! Your patio looks grand. Carol

  7. Yes, Shirl, it's much cooler here in the winter. I like planting in the summer because I use my AC drip wot water the plants. Worked last year, but mint just doesn't do well here. It looks wonderful and green for months, then one day half the leaves are brown and the next day it's dead.

    Does that mean when I get old/have my 2nd childhood I should move to NS? :)

    Carol! Good to hear from you. Have fun at the lake, hope the weather warms up.