Sunday, September 4, 2011

Doctors, neighbors and the Sea

I went to the doctor the other day to get a shot. The shot needs to be administered by a surgeon, so once I got the prescription from my GP Dr. Aburto, got the meds and brought them back to his office, we waited. Any other doctor, even if he wasn't busy, would have you wait in the waiting room. Not Dr. Aburto. He had me take a seat in his office, and we chatted for about half an hour. He's very charming, and needless to say very intelligent. It is an experience I wouldn't probably get anywhere else, to just sit and talk about this and that with my GP. I love it.

We've been spending more time at the ocean with Carl back, lots of walking and bobbing. Even a little swimming. The days are glorious, 42 degrees. AC not optional.

A neglected pool filled with sand..swim up bar and all.

This was interrupted a while back, I'll carry on now. As for neighbors, we're slowing down the traffic back and forth. Too many interruptions during a work day. But we're all still friends. Diana's English lessons commence on Tuesday, with a teacher from the states who spends her time here teaching English. She will teach two kids for an hour and a half a week for 100 pesos a week. Well within our means.

In more class news, we'll be starting Spanish classes again soon. We're excited about that too!

Here are a few shots around town and of today's walk.This car parks across the street now and again, I love it!

 OK, we love our dog, what can I say.

My cherry tomato plant is doing well. All our plant life is thanks to Carl.

Thai Basil and Rosemary

Italian basil is a tree

Little surprise Persian cucumber plant came up months after I planted and gave up. Not sure if it will produce though.


  1. That beach is gorgeous! I dread my approaching winter even more now.

  2. Thanks! We love it and try to get out there every day-with much prompting by the furry one.