Saturday, February 5, 2011

Patio and Produce

One thing I have grown to appreciate is following the seasons of produce. For instance, it's asparagus season now. Fresh, vibrant green, for sale everywhere and gone before you know it. Mandarin orange season is almost at an end, but I've enjoyed these so much. Juicy and sweet, larger than the mandarins we get in Canada and with seeds, but so tasty. Cucumbers are good now too, fresh and crisp.

Soon we will get into grapefruit season and the mandarinas will be forgotten, then cantaloupe and watermelon,  and then grapes.

Last week we got a call from our friend Tina. Someone she knew was moving his RV, and was tearing up his patio. Did we want the patio bricks? It was 16'x8', and he was asking $100 or best offer.

We hustled over there and closed the deal for $80. Joe, the owner of the bricks, had his crew load them into his truck and deliver them. I immediately called Oswaldo, and he got a crew over here the next day.

I knew I didn't have enough of them, but we decided to just do the large area outside the back door. Here are the shots I took . I haven't taken any with the furniture in place, because it's too cold to wash it all off and make it look all shiny.

Nice bricks, and they really go with the house. Later I'll post some better pictures.

We've had some of the coldest weather of the entire winter this last week. It's going down below zero overnight, which is unheard of. I feel so sorry for people without heat. I had the neighbor kids in to watch TV the other day and warm up. Sorry about Shadow- the kids were being so well-behaved that I didn't want to disturb them with another shot.

I'm still going for my walks on the beach- here are some pictures of Las Conchas homes which are still sitting empty. I wish we could somehow get the people who are living in plywood shacks into these homes for the winter. I might think differently if I owned one of the homes, of course.
Do the Jetsons live here?

This is what erosion will do. This house used to be a lot closer to the beach!

What is this design?
The weather's going to start getting better soon, once we get into March it will be really warm in the days. By May it will be swimming weather. Come on down for Cinco de Mayo! Enjoy the new patio!


  1. Love your new patio. Mexican bricks are great as they are all so different. Shadow is only doing what dogs do but I guess you really don't want to take a picture of it. All the south is having a cold winter. We had friends leave Florida for a cruise and it was 3C in Florida. Missouri has a pile of snow. At Maranatha they are complaining of the cold and our friend in Arizona had the pipes freeze in her camper. I know how cold those adobe houses can get with no heat. But soon it will be warm and swimming weather. Keep up the blogs I do look forward to them. Love to both. Shirl

  2. Thanks, Shirl, we got the whole thing done for about 500 bucks, too! We had originally looked at these ones, which were much more expensive and only came in gray:

  3. Cipactli? Making off with Tezcatlipoca's foot.

  4. So you're thinking maybe just a start of a design?

  5. Political emblem? Budding artist?

    Where was it? Might help to place it's meaning into context.