Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More patio pix

Down along the clothesline there I want to put bricks as well. Then where it passes over the water tank, we can put in a wooden plug with a recessed pull so we can get at it. We can match that with an access door in our wall for access to the plumbing.

The bricks will continue to the guest room, but we'll leave the area next to the guest room as a dirt area, and plant another palm. Cool.

Carl's leg is almost better, he was the one who cleaned all this stuff and arranged it. Yay for Carl! He deserved that rest.

That's my comfy chair just waiting for me to sit and have a read.

Any room for me up there?

And a final shot of Shadow, waiting while we do dishes, staying out of the way and hoping we'll get the subtle hint that he would like a treatball.


  1. Just 'cause I'm nosy, why do you have to barbeques?

  2. I meant two. Also the patio looks very inviting. So glad to hear Carl's leg is doing better.

  3. One is gas and one is charcoal. They sell very interesting charcoal down here from different woods. It's not briquettes, but just large pieces of charred wood. It doesn't burn as reliably as the kind from a bag, but has a lot of flavor. We had a grilled mesquite beef roast that was pretty incredible. Hmm... maybe tonight a grilled whole chicken...

  4. Glad Carl's leg is almost better. Great job on the patio and all the nice furniture. Looks very inviting. And no Shadow I don't think there's any room up there for you.