Saturday, January 29, 2011

Doctors, dentists and sea life

The doctors and dentists here really seem to care about you, which I think they do in Canada as well, they just don't have as much time and it's more regimented there. Two cases in point:
  1. Dr. Aburto is my general practioner. I've had flashes of light in my right peripheral vision for a while, and I saw a local optometrist who said everything's ok. But he really wants me to be seen by an opthamologist, and they are only available in larger centers like Hermosillo and Mexicali.The problem was I needed to take an interpreter with me.

    Last time I went to see him about another matter, he excitedly told me he had good news. On his own time, he had called several opthalmologist's offices in Mexicali and found one where the receptionist spoke excellent English. I was to call and make an appointment with her, then she would translate for me. The doctor himself was excellent and has a complete lab and would run every possible test on my eyes. I haven't made that appointment yet, since I just got back from vacation, but I will.

    He then proceeded to give me directions to the office in Mexicali and to draw a 'map'. The way he does this, both in his enthusiastic directions and his hilarious method of drawing a scrawled line to represent the map, reminds me so much of my dad it hurts. The thing is, with both of them, you never need the scrawled line with doodles, you remember the way due to their dramatic reading.

  2. Break for excellent photos of sea creatures of the Sea of Cortez, taken by Ray Ramirez, captain of the Pancho Villa, and other local divers. Ray said I could use any I wanted on my blog, so thanks Ray!! I'm going out on his boat tonight, we're going to sail around to Cholla Bay and listen to Roger Cline and the Peacemakers for a while. Life is SO good here. Poor Carl's still suffering from the sciatica, hopefully it will get better soon.

  3. I went to my dentist because I've been biting my tongue in my sleep lately. It's because I have to sleep on my back, and when I roll my head to the side, my tongue moves over and then if I have a little wake-up, I bite down on it. Ow.

    I'd been looking around for bite plates and things like that, but decided to talk to him. When I explained the problem, he asked a few questions, then said, "I have the answer!". He brought out a microbead neck pillow. Support when I lay on my back, so when I turn my head my jaw is supported. Eureka! I've ordered one, and I think it's going to work. Meanwhile I'll have to keep up my practice of not letting my head roll, and sleeping like a vampire. 
More pictures!


    1. Great Pictures. Some odd looking fish especially the orange ones. So glad you are enjoying life and the Mexican people. I know we had a couple of medical problems and they were so helpful. I, too, hope Carl is soon feeling better, living with pain every day is hard. I have had the flashing out of the side of my eyes but I am sure your Dentist has explained to you what it was so please be sure and have it checked soon.


    2. Wow! You steal great pictures!

    3. Hey! "Ray said I could use any I wanted on my blog, so thanks Ray!" Not stealing! This time.