Sunday, May 29, 2011

End of May

I was going to include a picture that showed what I look like after working an hour in the sun, but well...nobody needs to see that. Luckily I love the heat, but we feel the juggernaut a-coming, as the heat and the humidity intensify towards the end of May.

Our AC drips onto a section of ground at the side of our house, and a plant was growing there that I assumed was a weed. Last year I had our neighbor trim it back to about waist-height. This year it seems to be saying, "I'm a tree, don't cut me back! Look, I have pretty yellow flowers!"

For anyone who hasn't seen pictures of the cruise, here they are. It was a lot of fun.
From left: Carl, Melody, Laurie and Jerry from Cholla Bay, Annette and Ray our hosts-(owners/operators of boat), Maureen, Jill in background, Isabel in pink and white, her guy Kent, and Maureen's husband Richard.

Tina and Lui- she bartends at Pinky's he bartends at Capones.

Kent is a  funny guy- he's in our Spanish class. We're in level two now, Carl and I having both aced the test. Lots and lots left to learn!

Isabel, Naomi and me. Isabel teaches our Spanish class; Naomi makes beautiful and unique jewelry.
Laurie on the left lives out in Cholla Bay, and we've had many wonderful dinners at her incredible house. Maureen is married to Richard, the president of the local Real Estate group. She's also a great and funny lady, and I confess I've never asked her what she does here.
Isabel was the only one brave enough to get up at the very tip of the bow, and it made for a good photo op.

The happy couple:

In other news....

The beach at Las Conchas is unbearably crowded this weekend.
Carl took this shot - Young Christian from next door got to keep one of the puppies that one of the many dogs from next door had. That might be the world's greatest grin.

We can get panko crumbs and real butter from a store in town now. We know, not the most healthy dinner, so we don't do it often. But this was pretty darn yummy. A little dip of ketchup and horseradish, a light salad...mmmmm mmmm.

Adios, hasta luego!


  1. Great pictures. Looks like a wonderful and happy crowd. So happy for you both. Love You.


  2. Thanks, Shirl! Having re-read this, I should say that we don't fry the panko-ed shrimp in butter!

    That would be too much. No, just that Mexican butter has water in it, so it's nice to find American butter.

  3. Hey! your blog is great!
    I absolutely love your wedding photo.

    I am always impressed by the "long-married" couples. (Russ and I are at 29 and looking forward to doing something really fun (maybe) on our 30th.)

    It is a good thing & something to be proud of!!

    That was beautiful and fun!
    And SOOOO happy to have a dolphin around for the celebration, too!

  4. Mmmmm, the panko'd shrimp look wonderful!
    Love the cruise photos, looks like it was a great day!

  5. Thanks, Naomi, 29 years is impressive! We were really happy to have you guys, (and everyone else) to help us celebrate.

    Cheryl, we'll have to panko us some shrimp when you get back down here.