Sunday, May 15, 2011

26th Anniversary

It's our 26 anniversary today. There has been plenty of sickness and health, tons of joy and a bit of sorrow, some richness and some poorness.

It has been an adventure; we've traveled, worked in exciting jobs, and now lived in a different country, a dream of mine since I was little. We see eye-to-eye on most of the important things in life, we challenge each other, and I couldn't have wished for a better partner to spend it with.

Here is a review written by a friend of ours at the time:
If you don't have time to read that, you can just look at the headline on the back, which amused us at the time and still does:

We couldn't get the boat today, but here is what we're doing on Tuesday to celebrate:
It's being catered by our friend Cathi, and here's the menu:
Mini pulled chipotle chicken tostadas served with pico de gallo, lettuce, cheese

Petit finger sandwiches
chive  cream cheese, ham, olive garnish

Greek baguettes
homemade garlic humus, fresh homemade pickled beet, chive garnish

Fruit kebabs
skewered seasonal fruits

Carl and I will not be drinking, in case anyone is worried; but all of our friends drink, so why deny them?

Now, on to the patio!
It is pretty much finished now; we wanted some sort of a fence between the patio by the guestroom and the driveway.

The pieces for the new patio mysteriously appear...

All painted a tasty chocolate brown

Later that same day...

Osvaldo and crew arrive to install it, including cousin Javier and Osvaldo's brother-in-law.

They finished this pretty quickly and I checked it out for reading possibilities.

No longer open to the street, you can barely see me in our private yard.

So now we have a little more privacy from the street.

Or a full view of whatever's going on- our choice!

Happy Anniversary, honey.


  1. Thanks, sweety. Happy Anniversary to you too. Those are some fine photos.

  2. I remember that event like it was yesterday :) Congrats to you both.

  3. Thanks, Pat, thanks for being best man.

  4. I remember stalking and searching for you while you were honeymooning. Found you! Wow, now it is 26 years later! who da thunkit?
    Luv you lots and lots!
    Your Forever Buddy,
    Just Dix

  5. HA! I'd forgotten about that, Dix! Yes, folks, we were on our honeymoon at a B&B when suddenly I got a phone call - it was Dix calling to wish us the best. Back in the days when it was a much more dramatic - and expensive - deal than it is now.

  6. Congratulations, and I still think orange bougainvillea a big clay pot on that brown trellis would be fab.

  7. Can't believe it's already been 26 years. Your wedding was beautiful. Wish I could be with you on the sunset cruise. Have a great time. Congratulations.


  8. Thanks, Sis. That would be great if you and Kirk could come along. Next time for sure.

  9. Thanks, Shirleen, hope you and Kirk can make it down here, we'll arrange another one!

    Billy, you are so right- We're getting one as soon as our visa card cools off from everything else...

  10. The pictures look so familiar and the writeup. I have both plus the original invitation. Sort of makes up for having to miss the wedding. The cruise sounds wonderful and so does the food. What a way to celebrate. Like Shirleen wish we could be there but enjoy each other and your friends. Love to you both.

  11. AWWW, you guys look so cute in the picture! Happy Anniversary! I also remember it like it was yesterday. Melody's dress was beautiful, Carl's chin quivered as he said his vows, and Dad and I danced our feet off at your reception. Congrats to both of you! Thinking of the two of you I'm reminded of what Julianne Moore said in "The Kids Are Alright", "Marriage is not a's a marathon." Much love and hugs, Licia

  12. Yeah, we look YOUNG in the picture. All young people look cute. I didn't see Carl's chin quiver, I was too busy controlling my own!

    Thanks, Shirl, thanks Alicia, and you're right, it's a marathon, a worthwhile one though. Not like those running kinds.

  13. Absolutely fabulous!
    Congratulations and happy 26 anniversary!! :)