Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our Trip to San Diego

We drove up to San Diego on a Friday to attend my cousin Jamie's 40th birthday party. (The youngest cousin is 40 - how did that happen?). We also wanted to meet his new wife Lorena, who is our friend on Facebook.

Here are some pictures of that trip, courtesy of Carl. It's about a 7-hour drive the way we went, including the crossing. I think next time coming back I'd cross at San Luis Colorado and save some driving in Mexico. We crossed at Algodones. (Google map it).

On our way:

Some desert scenery:

A little green is pretty welcome after all that brown.

It gets quite agricultural after Rio Colorado. Pretty but the roads are difficult.

A little farm:

And then in California we went into the mountains- incredible boulder-like scenery.

See? Boulders.

We climbed to over 4000 feet, and the wind was something else. Hence the wind farm. What do they say about that? "Your area is eligible for a wind farm if the wind has ever made you feel like you want to actually kill someone."

Carl's proud of this one, justifiably since all these shots were from a moving car. Me stop? No way.

The day after the party, while Jamie slept, we went to Balboa park. It is just beautiful, with a lot of museums. Here's a theatre.


Some of the nice architecture:

More architecture...I'm telling you, it was so beautiful there!

We don't know what these buildings are called...


The restaurant where we had a delicious lunch. (Prado)

The Art gallery. We spent a couple of hours in here.We also went to the Natural History Museum.

A painting we liked.

The Young Diana, a sculpture.

A traffic circle

Hula hoop girl outside our hotel room.

Heading home.Wait, I'm pointing the same way!

Thanks to Lorena and her family and Jamie for a wonderful time!

Here's just one more. Here's me before, me in the middle, and after's going to have to wait a few months:


  1. Sounds like an excellent trip! Good job on the photos, Carl - especially that last one! You look fantastic, Melody!!

  2. Thanks, Cheryl! Feeling pretty good.

  3. Doesn't she look great. That's the shirt I picked out at the Las Conchas garage sale.