Saturday, October 1, 2011

Random Photos

We took Shadow for a walk on the updated Malecon the other day.

Lots of palm trees

Coyote Grill got a paint job

I love my shrimper.

And Beauty

Diana's helping out every Saturday by sweeping the patio and cleaning the patio furniture. I pay her some and keep some back as a savings fund for when she starts secondaria (high school).


  1. Hi Mel and Carl...can you send Diana our way? Love you and miss you both. Carol and Garrison

  2. That's funny! She was just complaining last Christmas that she's never been anywhere but here. This spring she went with her Grandmother on a bus trip to Guaymas to visit relatives. She brought Melody back a nice coffee mug as a gift.
    Miss you guys too...Carlo (y Melodia)

  3. You would love Diana, she's growing into a well-behaved teenager. (With us, anyway). Miss you guys, come down anytime.

  4. Hey, Carol's here! Hi Carol. The Malecon looks great with all the new trees!
    Is Diana wearing Carl's hat?

  5. No, it's Wayne's hat. He bought a new one while here and left this one. I asked her if she wanted it, and she seems to like it. Looks awful cute on her.