Friday, April 1, 2011

Drive to Sonoyta and Spring Planting

We've been so busy lately, we're very lucky in this recession to be getting all this work. I'm now doing an extra 4 hours a day for a company who puts up funeral websites. I'm doing about 3-4 a day, creating headers and color schemes then putting it all into their template. It's a great job, not too challenging, slightly creative and it pays pretty well.

I also am still working for Greg,, and I have other websites to either build or maintain. Busy!

So here are a few pictures. One is a trip we took to Sonoita to pick up mail. The others are pictures of our various spring plantings.

There are more flowers and trees, but that will have to be for a later blog! Gotta go.


  1. Your plants look great - all fresh and healthy. I love the grouping by the palm tree!

  2. So pleased to know that you have lots of work so you can live in the place you love with lots of warmth and sunshine. Both of you have a great day and enjoy the sun. It will soon be time to hit the beach for a swim again.