Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Can you believe we've been here 2 years and 4 months already? Old timers, that's us. We do love it here.

We have been able to walk the beach almost every day recently. The weather has been wonderful, 23-26 C, light breeze, and unlike other years the water is warm enough to wade in.

Cheryl likes it:

So do Shadow and Taz.

Here are some of the places we walk by when we go one direction along the beach. These mansions are deserted most months of the year. This one is pretty amazing, main house, then to the left a guest house, and see way in the back there? Another guest house.

The water comes up pretty high sometimes. 5 meter tides are common, as are strong winds.

This place is a bit less pretentious.

15 pounds of clams yields a small bowl of meat, all ready for clam linguine. You can't often find lemons and parsley down here. When I find them together, I tend to want to make this dish.

When we turn the other way along the beach, the houses peter out and once you get past Tessoro, the condo building pictured here, you are pretty much on deserted beach up to the estuary where there are lots of birds to be seen.

Dan, Cheryl's husband and our friend as well.

Some of the birds we see are better photographed by others. Hopefully they won't see these and sue me.
American Oystercatcher:

Turkey Vulture: We saw a LOT of these the other day when there was a dead sea lion on the beach. It's gone now, carted away.

Great Blue Heron -we see this often.

This is a snowy egret. We see either this or a greater egret, we really need some binoculars. We see this every few days as well.

Bye for now from Melody, Carl and Shadow!


  1. Yay, a new blog! Now I can pretend to be in Mexico year round.
    I love the crisp, clean look of this and the background is awesome!